“Alper, the founder of Noah’s Bagels (recently sold to Einstein Bros. for $100 million), offers uplifting business wisdom from his own rocky path to success…. This earnest book shines with Alper’s conviction, business savvy and decency; while he acknowledges the joys of a financial success, he ends with his eyes on the prize: ‘What’s important is providing for your family, conducting yourself with integrity and living a life of meaning.’”
PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY, September 14, 2009 (read the full review)

“Alper is one lucky mensch. He hit upon bagels in 1989, when the carbohydrate-loading market was taking off, and sold the business right before carbs became a naughty word… Each success led to a new venture, and failures led to learning.”
JEWLICIOUS.COM, September 14, 2009 (read the full review)

“Noah Alper, in this book, teaches you lessons from his 35 years as a entrepreneur. Four of his six major ventures succeeded, and in this business, that is great. Noah’s Bagel leveraged his distinctly Jewish roots, as does this book… I do not think you will read a more honest book this year.”
MYJEWISHBOOKS.COM, September 2009 (read the full review)

“Noah Alper, a serial entrepreneur who created Noah’s New York Bagels and sold it for $100 million seven years later, proffers menshlekhkeyt as a route to riches. In Business Mensch: Timeless Wisdom for Today’s Entrepreneur (Wolfeboro, September), the Brookline native, Berkeley resident, and Pardes Institute alumnus offers tips to aspiring machers.”
TABLET MAGAZINE, September 8, 2009

“Alper (founder, Noah’s Bagels), with journalist Fields-Meyer, offers a quick-reading business memoir with both personal and spiritual advice on how to be a “business mensch” (an “honorable, decent person”). He suggests having a little chutzpah, treating both employees and customers right, and taking time off when necessary. Fans of entrepreneurial guides with some personal philosopy… might enjoy this one as well.”


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January 24, 1996


“A timely book about the importance of being a mensch—written by a mensch. I guarantee it.”
Founder and CEO of Men’s Wearhouse

Business Mensch is a superb testimony to the power of traditional values to transform business for the better. Noah Alper tells it like it is. I highly recommend this insightful guide to entrepreneurs interested in learning from a real pro!”
Founder of Skyy Vodka

“Noah Alper makes a stunning contribution to business with his brilliant Business Mensch, the best business book I’ve read in years. It’s unique, informative, engaging and loaded with revelations that no other author has put into words. To say I recommend it is like saying I recommend breathing fresh air.”
Author, “Guerrilla Marketing” series of books

“Chutzpah, rebbe, Lech Lecha, Shtetl…. not exactly standard terms in most business school classes. Noah Alper’s remarkable book offers keen insights into the power of enduring cultural values—insights that are particularly valuable during this period of change in our economy.”
Professor, UC Davis Graduate School of Management

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    “This earnest book shines with Alper’s conviction, business savvy and decency.”

    “Part memoir, part Jewish homily, part how-to manual, 'Business Mensch' tells the tale of a scrappy Jewish kid from Boston who hit the jackpot with Noah’s Bagels.”